recordings, music production

Το στούντιο

Analog Console:


24x mic/line preamps

24x 80B EQs

+ 2ch ORAM buss.patch compressor


Additional preamps:

ADL 600 (2ch)



Klein & Hummel O300d



1x Neumann u87

2x Shoeps CMC 5 + MK 4G

2x Shure sm58

5x Shure sm57

1x Shure Beta 52A

1x Beter Dynamics Opus53



Beyer Dynamics DT770

Audio Technica ATH m20


AD/DA Converters:

Soundscape iBox 48TA

Apogee I/O 896



DSI Tetra analog synth

Access Virus TI Snow

Roland MKS-50 (Alpha Juno)

Korg MS2000

Korg TRITON rack


CME UF8 piano keyboard

M-AUDIO oxygen

YAMAHA piano



Tama Silverstar 6 pieces (all birch shells)

Sabian AAX (Studio series)



SSL mixpander (soundcard+plugins)

Motu 2408 mk3 and 2

Sonicore/Creamware Pulsar (Scope plugin suite)

Focusrite LiquidMix



AMD Quad Opteron

+ dual monitors, SATA raid & ssd disks...

Steinberg CUBASE 7


Additional software:

Sound Forge 9

(with Izotope Mastering plugins and restoration suite)

CD archtect 5.2

NI Kontakt 5

NI Massive

XLN audio Addictive Drums

XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Spitfire Albion

EWQL Hollywood Brass Silver

Peavy Revalver HPse

Slate Digital FG-X

Slate Digital VTM

Steven Slate Drums EX

Waves CLA

Softube TSAR-1 reverb

Arturia Minimoog V Original

Sampletekk Black Grand

Steinberg Padshop + Retrologue

Kirk Hunter PopRock Strings

NI Retro Machines

AAS Strum Electric

Musiclab Real Guitar

Ample Sound AGT

Orange Tree EEB

Best Service ET Forest Kingdom & Desert Winds

8Dio Claire Flute, Dubstep

Soundiron Olympus Elements

Several sounds and samples by:

Pakotec, Push Button Bang, Freshly Squeezed, Lyrical Distortion, SonicCouture, Sonokinetic, Embertone etc



Klotz and Mogami

Cordial and Neutrik patch cables

Swithcraft patch bay


Other outboard:

Boss VF-1 multieffect processor

M-Audio midisport